Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Lost My Job Through Facebook

Well, not me personally, but I could see many people, especially young people, relating the story of how they didn't get the job they wanted because of what they've posted on social media sites.

Here's the article:

So the question is, "What's online now that's going to bite your tuchus later on?"

At this point in the evolution of media, we all need to assume that everything we post online is available to everyone else for the foreseeable future. If you happen to have a few thousand dollars hanging around you can always hire the people at to clean up your history, but for a young person starting out, that's not necessarily an option.

And if you thought that the people at Social Intelligence (mentioned in the article if you haven't read it yet) were invading your privacy, then think again. Clicking on the button that asks if you've read and understood a site's privacy policy, means that you've pretty much given up any shot at a lawsuit since the purpose of most social media sites is to be, well, social, and to connect you to other people. Facebook wouldn't be so popular if only you could see it. And those ever-shifting privacy settings? Good luck. Some of your information will not be visible, but that former friend of yours who posted that picture of you (you know the one) might be more cavalier with their sharing. If Social Intelligence finds it, you're toast.

Perhaps sometime in the future, when people who have multiple piercings run multinational corporations, and others who have posted questionable photos get jobs and hire others without judging them too harshly, this issue might not be a problem. Until then, mark a date on your phone calendar to sit and account for every possible incriminating piece of evidence you can find on your social media menu. Delete at will. Your future is at stake.

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