Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gay Marriage

Gay marriage has been legal in New York State for more than two weeks, and guess what's happened?


We can't blame gay marriage for the wild gyrations in the stock market.
We can't blame gay marriage for the financial problems in Europe.
We certainly can't blame gay marriage for the conservative aversion to higher taxes.
We can't say that gay marriage was the reason for owners and players settling the NFL lockout.
We can't blame gay marriage for the hot weather across the nation's midsection.

It's still illegal for you to marry your sister, your dog or, certain parts of Utah excluded, more than one female who might or might not be older than 12..

Contrary to the fear mongering on the right, my heterosexual marriage (and those of my friends) is not under assault or being demeaned because gays can marry. We can demean our own marriages, thank you very much.

It's not normal to hate others or do them physical harm because of who they love.
It's not normal to pay fealty to the U.S. Constitution, but want to deny citizen's rights that other people can freely exercise.
It's certainly not normal for people who want to be president to automatically exclude others based on their own religious beliefs.

In short, gay marriage will become a cultural norm because it's, well, normal to be able to marry the person you love, and it's normal to want to avail yourself of the various rights and protections that marriage can provide.


  1. Texas is having a drought and the mid section has over a month of 100 degree temeratures... I thought it was because of the Gay Marriage law passed in NY! Are you telling me it is not the cause! I am sooooo stupid!!!

  2. It's also why we've had 3 inches of rain on the East Coast.