Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Meanwhile, Back in New Jersey

The Guv'nor took some time off from the national stage, then on Monday he jumped right back on it. Saying that he would consider being 2012 GOP vice presidential nominee, Christie continues to show that New Jersey just ain't big enough for his ambitions. Of course, if Mitt Romney is the nominee, he won't pick Christie because it wouldn't make sense to have two Northeastern politicians sharing the ticket. I would think that the GOP would want some geographical balance. Perhaps someone from the Midwest or even the West would be a better fit. If Perry is the nominee, then I could see Christie. In either scenario, it would make more sense for the Republicans to have a woman on the ticket to finally prove that they are the real progressive party.

In a rare move for a conservative Republican, Christie expressed actual understanding for the Occupy Wall Street protesters, a move that could undercut his support in right wing circles. Sayeth he:

"So I think the Tea Party folks, who started this whole discontented movement about three years ago or so, and now you're looking at these Occupy Wall Street folks, and while philosophically I don't agree with what they're advocating, at all, I do understand that their protests are an outgrowth of a big concern about the dysfunction of our government, the inability to get anything done."

Earlier in the day, Christie was handed a defeat in his effort to overhaul public workers' pensions and benefits when a Judge ruled that the state pension and benefits overhaul did not apply to N.J. judges. From the article:

Assignment Judge Linda Feinberg, sitting in Trenton, said the increased health benefits and pension contributions that went into effect run counter to a provision of the state Constitution that specifically prohibits the reduction of judges’ and justices’ salaries during their time in office.

"Contributions to pension and benefits which are deducted from a judge’s paycheck directly relate to the amount of salary paid to that judge," she wrote. "These contributions are no different than paid vacation, sick and personal time off."

If the Governor doesn't watch out, he could get more judgements against the reform laws. In August, public unions filed suit against the pension and benefits overhaul, though at present there is no movement to recall the law or Christie as there is in Ohio.

But Christie also wants to show that he can play nice with Democrats, as evidenced by his announcement  to cut the payroll tax on New Jersey workers by about $87 dollars each in 2012. The bill is sponsored by Democrats and Christie acknowledged that the tax cut won’t be enough to let workers “go out and buy a new boat.” But he added, “It’s the beginning of moving things in the right direction.”

Wonder what I'll do with all that money.

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