Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Republican Debate

I must say that I agree with Newt on immigration. We need to recognize that many illegal immigrants are productive members of our society and/or were brought here by their parents and have been good students. Why punish them as outlaws when we could certainly use their energy and creativity, if not their work ethic. It is time to pass legislation that would allow these people to become citizens if they follow procedures and keep their records clean. Sending someone back for a traffic violation is shortsighted.

Most everything else Newt says is inflammatory and dangerous, but polls are showing that many Republican voters like his experience. He could give Mitt a serious run, unlike Cain, who lost once and for all last night, and Perry, who didn't have much of a plan other than to say that Obama is horrible (blah, blah).

Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone.


  1. Now that you agree with Newt, watch his poll numbers fall. LOL

  2. You know that when I agree with him, it's trouble for both of us. He might slow Romney a bit, but it's still Mitt's to lose.

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