Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Campfire After Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri: Santorum Sweeps! Mitt to be Nominee!

And the headlines will be breathless. Rick Santorum hit the trifecta last night winning all three states and setting himself up as the chief conservative challenger to Mitt Romney. Which is like being the first raccoon to cross the Interstate before the semi barrels by going 80 mph, good buddy.

Never mind that no delegates were at stake in any of the states. It's all symbolic for the conservatives as they attempt to pull Romney so far to the right that he'll have to lean just to stand up straight.

In the end, it won't matter. Mitt will be the nominee, but he'll be damaged and forced to say even more things that he doesn't believe in order to mollify the conservatives. The Democrats are trying hard to give him an issue over religious groups forced to cover birth control. I would say this was a winning issue, but somehow, Mitch McConnell lecturing the country about religion and the pill is probably the best thing to happen to reproductive rights in a long time.

That sound you just heard? It's just Tim Pawlenty baying at the moon. Move along citizens.

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