Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What Do Wisconsin, Maryland and DC Have in Common?

They are examples of places where Mitt Romney will win primaries, but will lose to President Obama in the fall.

For people who follow politics, there's a certain heaviness to the Republican race for delegates. Most prominent Republicans, including such conservatives as Marco Rubio, have endorsed Romney, and the trading markets are assuming that he'll win the nomination. Is this news? No. But we have to write something every few hours, so why not make it interesting?

Even Mitt has turned his attention to Obama and is basically ignoring Santorum. Newt's so far out of it that the press isn't even making a big deal out of the fact that he hasn't made a formal announcement. It's very tidy. Just like the GOP wanted it in the first place.

But once again, some of the biggest states will have little influence on the contest. The story might have been different if California, New York, Texas, New Jersey and Pennsylvania had voted much earlier in the process. As it is, they're afterthoughts. Too bad for the runners-up.

After tomorrow, all eyes will be on the two man race most of us envisioned months ago. Mitt will try to reinvent himself into a likeable everyman and President Obama will continue the Passion Offensive he launched last September. Their success will largely determine which one of them wins in November.

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