Monday, July 9, 2012

What's At Stake

OK lefties, let's face some serious reality. The unemployment picture is probably not going to improve much between now and the election and Congress is certainly not going to pass any landmark law that's going to help either the jobs picture, the debt, social programs or the environment.

At this point in the election cycle, many people will be making up their minds about whether the president deserves a second term or whether to give someone else a chance. These people are not paying attention to the election at the same level that we are and many of them won't care about the GOP's policies that might negatively impact them. They will only see that the country is going in the wrong direction.

That's where we must step in. Begin now to make sure that your wavering friends and neighbors know the consequences of electing Republicans to all three branches of the government, and giving them free reign to enact their tax-cutting, social program-starving, feed-the-rich diet program they've promised America. Posters, bumper stickers and, yes, social media posts are a nice way to reach people, but the best is through one-to-one contact. Be friendly. Try to educate and explain as opposed to being strident and oppositional. I know it's difficult given the passion you feel, but most people just want to get information and go on with their day.

This is a winnable election against a much-less-than-inspiring opponent, but the Republicans will have more money to spend and we know that they spare no penny, fact or anti-fact to make sure that their message gets out. We need to fight that penny for penny and fact for fact.

Start now. Fight hard. Be persistent. Tell the truth. Smile. We only have until November 6, but I believe that we, and the country, will win.

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