Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Political Muddle

Imagine that a group of conservatives get together to talk about pressing issues, deliberate about a leader that will take them into the near future and debate their organization's role in world affairs. Of course, I'm talking about the Conservative Political Action Conference. Or the recent conclave of Cardinals. At this point, the two are interchangeable.

That's the problem for conservatives.

As far as the College of Cardinals is concerned, now that we finally have the answer to all of those prayers, we can reveal the Almighty's intentions. The Holy One clearly prefers that a rather old man from Argentina, who is so humble that he names himself after an even more humble saint, run the Church. Adonai, if I can be so informal, also clearly wants the red hats to come back to Rome sooner than later (will Francis make it to 90?) to choose yet another man so the Church can gauge how long it can stall on 1. reforming itself, and 2. including ALL of the world's Catholics in its warm embrace. Until then, enjoy and rejoice as the world celebrates the second most famous Argentinian in the world today (after Lionel Messi).

As for the conservative Republicans, their meeting this week reflects the brawl that was the inevitable result of its losses in November, when only the time-tested strategy of gerrymandering saved their House majority. We've already seen some splintering as nine Republican governors have decided to take ACA Medicaid money, some GOP Senators are ready to discuss compromises on taxes to get a fiscal deal, and one, Rob Portman of Ohio, who has come out (no pun intended) for marriage equality on account of his gay son.

Who came out to him. Two years ago.  No hurry.

Yes, put another nail in the "it's a lifestyle choice" school of determining gayness. I can't imagine the Portman house being anything other that hetero-centric. Maybe the Senator can talk to Dick Cheney about it.

The GOP's problem is that it's out-of-touch with what most Americans want for their future and the future of the country. They scold, seem to be anti-everything, and don't see that adapting to the world in not surrender of your core beliefs. It's called tolerance and respect, and it doesn't matter if it's Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum or Marco Rubio saying it, the message is the same. The messenger will lose in 2016 if they don't change.

Liberals took a hit this week too, as Mayor Bloomberg's soda gambit was snuffed out by the courts although he promises an appeal. And he should. Further, Twinkies will soon be back in stores after Hostess sold the brand for $410 million dollars, so the score stands at Junk Food 2-Health Food 0. Oh, and the new Twinkies will still have the Hostess name on them so as not to confuse anybody.

Meanwhile, President Obama's visit with the Congress produced some positive reviews, but to expect a change of heart among the true believers would require a Providential act. Maybe a trip to Israel is not a bad idea, or is really part of the plan.

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