Friday, January 17, 2014

Christie Time?

Worried about a cold weather Super Bowl in a couple of weeks? Don't be: Now that the subpoenas are out and Randy Mastro is in, there's going to be plenty of hot air to warm the New Jersey Meadowlands and nourish the state and national news media for the game and beyond.

First up is the list of those individuals who have been subpeonad to testify in front of the legislature. This includes people close to Christie's campaign and political offices and reaches into the day-to-day operations of the government. Let's see how much they say, but given immunity, I believe we might hear some evidence that Christie had at least some knowledge of the Bridge lane closings.

Christie's hiring of former federal Prosecutor Randy Mastro is evidence that the governor is taking this scandal very seriously. Mastro worked for Rudy Giuliani, another politician who liked to bully people and thought that he was above the law. Remember Giuliani time? That was when the mayor sent the message that it was OK to do anything to fight crime. We need to hope that we don't see a text or e-mail that refers to Christie time, which would be the desire to win a reelection bid by more than 40 points. Which really sounds like it's the real impetus behind the Bridge scandal.What a waste.

We've had our fun with this, but I don't think the next few months are going to be fun for the governor. And rightly so.

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