Thursday, April 17, 2014

Health Care Horror

You'd think that people were dying because they signed up for health insurance. You'd think that people were going broke because they had to leave behind their old policies that didn't cover needed expenses and treatments. You'd think that the opponents of the Affordable Care Act would come up with a specific, viable alternative that they could run on this November.

Oh, the horror. None of this is happening.

I will say for the final time that the website rollout was terrible and horrible, but it's now time to move beyond that because over 7 million people now have health insurance and the numbers keep going up. Citizens living in the most prosperous country in the world will not have to worry about medical costs bankrupting them or forcing them to lose their houses or their livelihoods. People can now make decisions based on their own life choices, rather than having to stay at a dead-end job because of the benefits.

Oh, the horror?

The real horror is being perpetrated by the states that refuse to take free federal money to expand Medicaid and cover even more people. These states are led by governors and legislatures that are acting on ideology rather than common sense. They have convinced themselves that president Obama wishes to enslave their citizens through federal programs, making them dependent on the government for their happiness. It's irrational and will eventually lead to defeat for the politicians that are erecting the legal roadblocks to health care.

The history of the United States has moved inexorably in one direction, and that's towards equality, access and enhanced civil rights. The Affordable Care Act will survive and thrive because it enables citizens to live better lives. In the end, it is truly American.

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