Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Christie Does Dallas

It's one thing to sit in the owner's box and discuss politics or bidness with a somewhat straight face and and unemotional posture.

Then there's what Governor Chris Christie did on Sunday evening with Dallas Cowboy's owner Jerry Jones. Christie looked like an unabashed fan who had just won a side of beef in a bet after America's Team came back from 13 points down to win their playoff game against the Detroit Lions. He never got to actually hug Jones, so much as wrapping his hands near the owner's underarms and besides,  Christie never looks good when his feet leave the ground.

So now to the political fallout. This was not a good moment for the Governor. First of all, he has three teams from which to choose in his own market--the Giants, Jets and Eagles--yet he chose to go halfway across the country to essentially be a win-chaser and to actually look like he was in thrall to Jerry Jones. Christie wants to appear as a lunch pail every day Jersey guy, but now that's been jettisoned as the Presidential-Candidate-In-Waiting shows his true colors. I'm sure that he's had the money conversation with Jones and they look like they're real pals, which means something in a race that will also feature the former Governor of Texas.

Then came Christie's reaction, which was, as usual, defensive, heavy handed, sanctimonious and humor-free. 
Mr. Christie, characteristically, doubled down in the face of criticism. He seemed happy to replay the incident when he called into the Boomer and Carton show on New York’s WFAN sports radio, as it gave him another chance to boast of his closeness to Mr. Jones. He gave details on the locker room celebration that the camera did not capture, saying that Dez Bryant, the wide receiver, was the first person to hug him. “Dez knows exactly who I am, yes,” the governor assured his hosts.
Why would the governor want to boast of his closeness to Jones? Aren't the Tisch's and the Johnson's wealthy enough? Or do they see right through Christie's act?

This is but one episode in what will become a complete circus once Christie enters the presidential race and unveils his true persona to the American people. They will then learn what we in New Jersey already know; Christie has no shame and no filter. These will be his greatest strengths at the beginning of the campaign, but will ultimately prove to be his undoing.

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  1. The IB Times reports Chris Christie “personally pushed ” for the Port Authority to award a contract to Legends Hospitality LLC, which would allow them to operate the top floor of One World Trade Center - a firm part-owned by Jones.

  2. That's so out of character for Christie. Usually he is fastidious about his connections.

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