Sunday, January 29, 2017

It's Chauncey Gardiner On Crystal Meth

Something is telling me that this immigration ban isn't working out the way the president (shudder) thought it would. He probably thought that since he's, you know, Donald Trump and that, you know, Steve Bannon told him that Muslims are terrible, and that, you know, his rabid fan base voted for this craziness, that he could just, you know, do this immigration ban thing. Never mind that zero terrorists have come from the countries we're banning people from. And make sure that we don't include countries where Trump has businesses. Appearances matter, you know.

This is a nightmare. And it's only been 10 days. All I can say is thank heavens for the Federal court system and the judges who understand the Constitution and our way of life, because clearly Donald Trump is the biggest Know-Nothing this country, or at least a minority of voters, has ever elected president. And it's up to the majority who oppose him, a majority that's getting more major every day, to stop him.

Consider what else we've learned since January 20.

We have a president who doesn't read. He only likes to watch television and and then regurgitweet what he's seen and heard.  Using the same language as the news shows.

He engages in conspiracy theories about illegal immigrants, 3.5 million strong, who came out to vote in November for Hillary Clinton. They didn't vote for anybody else--not Senate, not House, not Dog Catcher--only for Hillary. And she got almost every one of their votes. That's amazing.

And that's why its a conspiracy theory. Because to an average, thinking, reading, analyzing, overworked, underpaid, patriotic American, it makes no sense. But to the leader of the free world? A perfect explanation for why he simply couldn't, ever, lose the popular vote.

I shudder to think of what Trump would have done had he lost the election and made good on his promise to not concede. Here he won the election and he still can't let go of the fact that he's not more popular than he's convinced himself that he is.

And all of this has nothing to do with actual policy. Remember the fuss the GOP made about Obama's use of Executive Orders? That's all Trump has used since his inauguration and not a peep out of the purring, moist right wing. What about the deficit, you say? Hey, $20 billion on a superfluous, irrelevant, showy wall is a fine use of taxpayers pesos, I mean, dollars. We might not get Mitch McConnell to go along with funds for highways, bridges, roads, hospitals, airports, water systems and other extras that we really don't need, but a wall that will immediately become cover for tunnels? I can see him sidling up to Paul Ryan, with a handful of bills and in a low, conspiratorial voice say, "Don't tell your father I gave you this."

The Trump administration is making good on its campaign promises, and now we are seeing why more people voted against them. They are creating chaos, uncertainty and unnecessary hardship for many Americans, and they contradict this country's values of tolerance and equality before the law.

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  1. The scary question is: Where is this leading? Does the buffoon morph into a tyrant or pathetic joke. I wish I knew