Sunday, May 27, 2018

The Last Vestige of Scoundrels

Great statements are considered great for a reason, and this one by Samuel Johnson about false patriotism certainly stands the test of time. Scoundrels will use patriotism for their own ends.

If it wasn't apparent when Donald Trump began his run for president, it is crystal clear now; that his brand of patriotism is noxious, uncompromising, divisive and exclusionary. It is not a patriotism that demands respect or a knowledge of American history.

It requires obsequiousness to the ruler.

It demands slander of anyone who is different, either by skin, sex, love or political belief.

It encourages ignorance, hatred and small-mindedness.

As we commemorate those who have fought for our freedom to challenge, to protest, to take to task, to account for the behavior and actions of those we elect, to disagree, to resist, and to just be a terrific nuisance to those who want something different from us, we must remember that change only comes when we make it inconvenient and painful for those in power to continue in power.

Have a great holiday.

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