Sunday, October 14, 2018

You Want Change? Vote.

Are you angry? I mean, really angry? Angry about Brett Kavanaugh? Angry about the administration's refusal to consult science about...anything? Angry about the weather? NFL players kneeling? Liberals calling for impeaching the president? Conservatives actually taking the president seriously? The president?

This is not healthy for the country or for you. And heading into the midterm elections, it's not helping the country have anything close to a reasoned debate about the issues.

Time to breathe.

I hate to say it, but it doesn't look like the Democrats are going to win back the Senate, and the House is going to be closer that many political analysts thought in the summer. If you're on the left, that means total GOP control of the Congress for two more years. More deregulation, more pollution, less health care, more tax cuts for the wealthy, and more men making decisions for women.

What to do?

I know. Vote. Register to vote if you haven't done that, but if you have, vote. I don't understand why you wouldn't want to register and vote, especially if you want to back up your complaints with action. Don't let older voters, who supported Donald Trump and vote in large numbers, outvote you.

Have you seen this video?

Yes? Then if you haven't registered, what are you waiting for?

No? Then take it as a challenge and register and vote.

That's the surefire strategy for effecting change. Otherwise, politicians will dismiss your concerns and see you as irrelevant. Because, in a sense, you are.

It bothers me greatly that many Americans will tip their hats to both active duty and veteran soldiers, thank them for their service and defense of this country, and then not follow-up with the one single best way to show your pride and commitment to their efforts.


Make yourself relevant.

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