Sunday, September 20, 2020

Need More Motivation? Be Like RBG.

We live in a strange political world where liberals are now clinging even more tightly to Chief Justice John Roberts as the last, best hope for common sense on the Supreme Court. With the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the days seem dark indeed. It doesn't even matter that Mitch McConnell shows absolutely no shame in saying that of course we're going to seat another justice in an election year just four terribly long years after the exact same scenario prompted him to defer to the good judgement of the American people and wait until after the presidential election. 

That's politics. 

It goes without saying that the president's pick will be absolutely unacceptable to the left. What gives me hope, though, is that the court can only do so much damage before it damages itself. This court reflects the rightward movement of the country and will very quickly be out of step with the emerging Democratic majority that will soon be in power. The court might strike down some laws, but Congress will eventually win out. We will have a health insurance program that works. We will have climate legislation. We will have higher taxes on the wealthy. We will have affordable housing. We will have more social justice.

Naive? No, realistic. because if we don't get these things over the next five years, then we will be in worse shape as a country than we are now, and I don't believe that the American people will stand for that. There's really no place for the conservative movement to go except to do nothing with more vigor than ever. 

And it starts with you voting for Democrats. It's clear that the Republicans have run out of ideas and only have political games to while away their time in Washington. They've won some significant victories, or at least prevented the Democrats from winning some of their own. This will only stop with a change in government.

Supreme Court fights remind us that elections do matter. In fact, they're critical. And this next one is more critical than others. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a great jurist and she demands to be a catalyst for change. We have that power.

Use it.

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