Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mitt Be Illin'(ois)

If there ever was a good time for the Romster to win a solid victory, this would be it. And, as luck would have it, he will win the Illinois primary going away. With the latest polling showing him with anywhere from a 10-15 point lead, this one will not be nail-biter. Neither will the nomination battle. No brokered primary either. I know. I'm no fun. But then again, neither is Mitt.

The GOP has tried to move on from contraception to the economy, but the darn economy keeps improving, car sales are up, jobs are being created and consumer confidence is on the rise. Mitt's been reduced to saying that he could do a better job with the recovery. Rick's given up and says the real issue is freedom.

So here's how it will go down tonight:

Romney            48%
Santorum          31%
Gingrich            11%
Paul                   9%

A convincing win for Romney. More stories about how conservatives aren't crazy about him. On to Louisiana.

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