Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Super Tuesday's Pedestrian Wrap-Up

Keep the lights on. Mitt Romney, unable to shut down Rick Santorum yesterday, now faces increasing questions about his ability to carry the key Midwestern states in the fall. Just when I though it was over, the campaign muddles on.

The anti-climax came early yesterday with the news that Newt had won Georgia and Romney had won Virginia, Vermont and Massachusetts. Then came the important news. How did we do?

                           Predicted                                Won
Romney       VA, VT, MA, ND, OH     VA, VT, MA, AK, ID, OH
Santorum     OK, TN                           OK, TN, ND
Gingrich       Georgia                            Georgia
Paul             Alaska, Idaho                   Zip

The Ohio numbers:

                     Prediction               Actual
Romney            38%                     38.0%
Santorum          35%                     37.0%
Gingrich            15%                     14.6%
Paul                  10%                       9.3%

Not a bad call.

This means that Mitt Romney will be the GOP nominee for president, but it's going to take him longer than he and the party wants for him to end this race. For someone who just won 6 out of 10 contests and the most delegates on a very busy night, it sure feels like less than a crowning achievement.

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