Thursday, September 8, 2011

Home Run

President Obama.

Or, to put it in the context of the jobs speech, PRESIDENT Obama.

He came out fiery, he came out prepared and he came out with a compelling argument focused on balancing government and private solutions to the problem, that polls show most of the country agrees with. He also came out with a bit of an attitude which unnerved some of the Republicans according to reports after the speech was over. It's about time. Republicans get all kinds of prickly when they get challenged, since they believe that their philosophy is revealed truth. Now they are responsible for a bill that tests the limits of their unconscionable obstructionist strategy.

It was also fortunate that this speech came a day after the Republican debate. Compared to Obama, Perry, Romney and the rest of the babbling bleaters look extremely small and petty. Their one size fits all approach to government, or anti-government, was exposed tonight by a politician and leader who outflanked their arguments about sparing the wealthy and framed a message that was pragmatic, urgent and based solidly in our country's history.

If Obama is as good in the coming weeks, when he takes this message to the rest of the United States, as he was tonight, then he will immediately control the debate.

But make no mistake: The man is back.


  1. If past perforance is an indicator of future performance... don't bet the house just yet!!!!