Saturday, September 3, 2011

Laboring to Lose Weight

I'm taking a break from politics to go address one of my other hobbies, that of keeping myself alive through diet and exercise. To that end, I have found a site that reviews the most popular diet plans and discusses their philosophies, food choices and relative merits.

You can click through the slide show and look at the links provided for each plan. Some of them are fairly wacky, like the once-popular grapefruit diet, and some are standards like Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers. My personal favorite, and the one that I try to follow daily is the Ornish Spectrum, which is not on the site. The link for Ornish is below.

Some of these plans are strict, but you can modify them somewhat if you're having trouble staying faithful. For example, Ornish is mostly vegetarian. I mix in some meat every once in a while. And Snack Wells. The point is to be healthier, not to beat yourself up because you had a doughnut on Wednesday.

Rather than starting a new eating lifestyle plan on January 1, why not resolve to use Labor Day to make a healthy change. Farm stands and supermarkets have much better produce now and there's far less pressure to get into that new revealing bathing suit for Thanksgiving. And speaking of the holidays, if you lose a little weight between now and November, you won't feel as bad if you add a few pounds during the holiday party season. It's win-win.

As always, if anyone needs help or support, I am here to help. Post a message or send me an e-mail at

Have a great weekend.


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