Friday, September 9, 2011

No Hypocrisy Whatsoever

I guess Eric Cantor really has no shame. After a summer in which he petulantly walked out on debt ceiling negotiations with the president because Obama had the chutzpah to ask for revenue so we could actually pay for some needed programs, the Virginia Republican had this to say in a Politico story:

“I would say this, I’ve already said there are plenty of areas I think that have room for agreement. But I object to the all or nothing message that the president is delivering. That’s not how anybody operates. No two people usually agree on anything 100 percent. I know, my wife and I, married almost 22 years, don’t agree on everything 100 percent. … So my response to the president is, ‘Is he going to work with us?’”

I though about parsing Cantor's words, but really, it's not worth the time. 
What's evident is that Obama has unnerved Cantor and the Republican leadership by acting like a President who has real power and is not afraid to use it. The right wing has convinced itself that they are 100% right (despite Cantor's calculations) and can't stand the fact that Obama has the bully pulpit and, by the way, an argument that most Americans agree with.

My sense is that the more Obama travels the country and lays out his program, the more the Republicans will show themselves to be the obstructionists that they've always been. When you don't have ideas, all you can say is no.

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