Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Republican Debate

I actually made it through most of the debate, leaving only when the audience started clapping for all the people Rick Perry has sent to the death chambers as governor. Generally, I don't like instant reports, favoring instead to think about what I've seen, but I'll break that rule just this once.

Mitt Romney came out looking the more presidential, even though a number of his answers were vacuous, vague and evasive.

Rick Perry was the big loser tonight because he had a chance to solidify his standing as a serious frontrunner and he didn't do that. He seemed somewhat hesitant and had trouble defending his record on the schools in Texas. His biggest gaffe was his answer on Social Security where he presumed to tell Americans that they believe it's a Ponzi scheme. Even conservatives grow older and rely on the great income equalizer. He also lost the initial encounter with Romney over jobs.

Bachmann will fade from view over the next couple of weeks, if she can last that long. She didn't distinguish herself and that line about $2 gasoline is silly. It's hard to be both free market and set price targets.

Hunstman was earnest and defended himself well, but at times he seemed too eager to convince us what a great bilingual family man he is. Perhaps if the Republican Party wasn't so far to the right he could have a shot at the nomination. His work for Obama dooms him.

Gingrich had great answers and I disagreed with every one. He can deliver a line, but really, he can't win.

Cain had some interesting ideas and trying to leverage his business experience is all he can offer. Running the government takes more than he's got.

Santorum has always scared me with his social views. I was surprised that Brian Williams asked him as many questions as he did.

Ron Paul? I shudder to think of him running a country where drug companies police themselves and disaster victims have the right to lose all of their belongings with no promise of help.

Next up, Obama's speech. He should have timed it for halftime.

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  1. Re "vacuous, vague and evasive" - I think that is what Romney is aiming for.